GMA: Community comes together to renovate Ntswane Secondary School in Hammanskraal

GMA: Community comes together to renovate Ntswane Secondary School in Hammanskraal

The school needed help with paint, paving, and, most importantly, a kitchen, as they are part of the Department of Educations’ School Feeding Scheme. That’s where the Angels came in.

Good Morning Angels: Community comes together to renovate school in Hammanskraal
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BACKGROUND: Ntswane Secondary School currently has 410 learners and 61 matriculants. It used to be a school for grades 10, 11, and 12 only - but this year they took in Grade 8’s and next year will have the full grades 8 - 12, with a projected 600 learners. Over the past three years, since Jerry Matjeni took over as principal,  the school’s matric pass-rate has improved dramatically - achieving 100% pass rate in 9 subjects, with maths and science being the only failed subjects - but they’re working on it. The School was built in 1977 through the Dilopye Tribal Trust, by parents and learners who needed a school in their area. Since then, the impoverished community struggled to maintain the building. They recently had an upgrade of the Grade 12 and 11 class rooms and their pit toilets were replaced by proper ablution facilities. 

REQUEST FOR: Principal Jerry Matjeni and the Ntswane Secondary School in Hammanskraal

ANGEL 1:  Heinrich Snyman from Conforto Building Solutions

SPONSORING: A brand new kitchen, built from scratch, complete with a store room, office, serving area, and covered eating space for learners

ANGEL 2: Jacaranda Breakfast listeners

SPONSORING: Six month supply of Mimi sanitary towels for all 165 girl learners in the school - collected during the Good Morning Angels Mandela 100 Sanitary Towel Drive

ANGEL 3: Anria van Heerden from the Caring Daisies on behalf of Vibro Bricks

SPONSORING: Vibro will donate 500m2 of paving bricks - that’s two big truck loads full - to pave the communal and assembly area, in front of the kitchen of the school

ANGEL 4: Zurita Moore on behalf of Plascon South Africa

SPONSORING: Plascon SA will supply all the paint and preparation agent needed to repaint Ntswane Secondary School  


I write to you to request your organisation to partner with us to renovate the Ntswane Secondary School. The school is situated in Hammanskraal in the Dilopye Village and it accommodates 450 learners from Stinkwater, Dilopye, Kanana, Mogogelo and surrounding areas.

The school was established in 1977 by the Dilopye Tribal authority and built by parents and learners at the school who established a building fund. After many years, the school is dilapidated and needs renovation.

The Principal wrote to my office requesting assistance with minor renovation. The school needs repainting, paving and some additional buildings, like a library and kitchen. We are planning to have a community outreach project on 19 October 2018, before the start of the exams. I therefore humbly request that your organisation partner with us in renovating the school and assisting in other needs. Your partnership in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Pinky Kekana

Deputy Minister of Communications




We are a small “green” building technology manufacturer and building contractor based in Pretoria. We specialise in the building of schools, clinics and housing and would like to get involved with Good Morning Angels. As a private company our obvious goal is profit, but we are also heavily involved and aware of the struggles of people in South Africa whether individuals or larger communities. We work in remote areas and villages and interact on a daily basis with people who are in need of basic necessities. 

We have managed to form great relationships with various corporate companies in SA, and would like to offer either one of the following should you have a requirement for it:

  1. A community learning hub building where children who don’t have access to electricity or a desk etc. can go to study or 
  2. A 3 bedroom house (65sqm) for a family in need

Our offer would be for the construction of the building and the supply of material. We would construct the foundations and the physical building and through our relationships, we would be able to get other materials and resources from our suppliers/partners if needed should our offer be considered and a project like this be available. We would be grateful should you consider our offer or afford us the opportunity to meet and discuss our proposal.

Best regards

Heinrich Snyman

Conforto Building Solutions

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