Good Morning Angels: A cry for help for 10-year-old Reynhardt after 30 seizures in one day

Good Morning Angels: A cry for help for 10-year-old Reynhardt after 30 seizures in one day

LottoStar will assist Linda with the funds needed for Reynhardt’s outstanding medical bills and treatment!

GMA 18 November 2020
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BACKGROUND: Single mother of five, Linda from Springs, has been keeping it together for her five children - despite being without work for over a year. Her eldest is writing matric and her youngest two are 10-year-old twins. She receives child support for the twins and a SASSA grant for the other three children. With this, she has been able to keep the rent and utilities paid up. Life has been extremely difficult, but through the church, supportive friends, and her faith, Linda has been able to provide. Linda’s car was stolen, more or less when she lost her job, and she’s been borrowing an old car from her mom, who lives in another town. Linda’s been able to keep her family afloat by what she describes as the grace of god and her devotion to her children.

However, this past weekend, her twin-son, 10-year old Reynhardt, ended up in ICU in hospital after suffering 30 seizures in one day. Despite the fact that he is on a medical aid, the CT-scans and other tests needed to diagnose the cause of these seizures are not covered. His dad has assisted, but this is a set-back that has brought Linda to a level of financial and emotional challenge she’s never experienced. Still, Linda believes that all will work out as her main focus is to find the source of her son’s, as yet, unexplained medical situation. One of Linda’s church friends, Elmarie van Wyk, reached out to Good Morning Angels on behalf of this proud and dedicated mother, who will never ask for herself. She describes Linda as a kind and caring person, who always has time, guidance, and advice, and is a role model in faith and never giving up. 

REQUEST FOR: 10-year-old Reynhardt and his mother

REQUEST FROM: Elmarie Van Wyk 

ANGEL: Maria Pavli from Lotto Star

SPONSORING: LottoStar assisted multiple families in need with their With Love fund on Good Morning Angels earlier this year. There are some funds left over, and with this, LottoStar will assist Linda with the funds needed for Reynhardt’s outstanding medical bills and treatment not covered by his medical aid, but also to sort out their car, food, and other necessities to the value of R65,000!


Good morning Angels

A friend of mines son had multiple seizures yesterday. Drs at the Parkland Clinic have never seen so many seizures in 1 day in 1 little body. 

His name is Reynhardt Botha (10 years old) Life Springs Parkland Clinic Paediatrics ICU

This was the message on FB from mom, Linda Botha. 

"This was Sunday 15 November 2020

Please Pray for my little Boy, He had 7 Seizures at home today, 16 in Casualties and again 7 Seizures in The East Wing and then they decided to send him to ICU. 30 Seizures in one day (Worst kind ever) Doctors never saw something like that in their lives. He is in Paediatrics ICU at Parkland at this moment. I'm not allowed to stay over, feels like my whole world is falling apart.”

She does have a Medical Aid for him, but they don't cover the CT scans. This is R3213 payable before they can have it done.

Please angels. Linda is a dear friend to many. She is a mother of 5 and doesn't even have a job. She is goodness and kindness, and she needs a break. She gets a food box from our church weekly - sometimes every second week depending on her fuel situation and if her car is running - but when it's church she is there an hour before to make sure our coffee for after service is made. She has not even paid her water and electricity this month, so soon they will be sitting without that too.

Angels, if there is anything you can do for Linda, you will be her miracle in this storm she is in. 

I trust in you and thank you Angels for your support everywhere you go. 

Yours truly


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