Good Morning Angels: A dream come true for 12-year-old Lungi

Good Morning Angels: A dream come true for 12-year-old Lungi

Young Lungi is suffering from renal failure, but Lungi has difficulty being mobile in order to get to his treatment facility. 

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A dream-come-true for 12-year old Lungi - as he bravely battles renal failure  

REQUEST FOR: 12-year-old Lungisani Zulu

“Be grateful for what you’ve got. My mom says that a lot!”

We meet 12-year-old Lungisani and his mom, Rivonia at Huddle Park in Johannesburg. He is a bright, 12-year-old. He loves learning and his favourite subjects are Maths, Zulu and Social Science.

Lungi wants to be a doctor when he grows up and is willing to work very hard to get there. Doctors play a big part in Lungi’s life. He is a patient at the Charlotte Maxeke paediatric unit - where he gets dialysis treatment three times a week. 

He goes to the hospital school and even when he is not due for treatment, Lungi travels to his hospital school five days a week. His domestic worker mom, Revonia, is his rock and makes sure that he gets all the medical, nutritional, educational and other help he can while fighting a disease that can only be cured by a kidney transplant.

Revonia says they are still considering options regarding the transplant. For now, they are focusing on keeping Lungi as healthy as they can and to finish his school year with the marks they know he can achieve.

Lungi wants to be well again and go back to his own school. His other dream is to have a push scooter of his own that he can play on when he feels better.  

Today, Reach for a Dream makes that dream come true.   

ANGEL 1: Natalie Lazaris, Reach for a Dream Head: Business Development

SPONSORING: A brand new push scooter, as Lungi requested

About Reach for a Dream: Making Dreams come true since 1988

For 28 years the Reach For A Dream Foundation, has brought hope, joy and healing to countless South African children. These children between the ages of 3 and 18 years have used their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, renal failure and various blood disorders.

"We believe in the power of dreams. We encourage children to use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses. And we seek as far as possible to make dreams come true. Our vision is to grow the Foundation, enabling us to continue giving hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfillment of their dreams, and to further help as many children facing these illnesses though our national projects such as our Camp Sunshine, Queen For A Day, Captain Courage, Show You Care Send A Bear and our Jabulani Kingdom Hospital entertaining projects that all function on an ongoing basis."

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will donate a helmet, knee pads and gloves to make sure Lungi can use his new scooter safely

You can help Reach for a Dream make dreams come true: or 011-880-1740

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