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Need a cataract operation? Good Morning Angels can help you

If you know of someone who needs a cataract operation but cannot afford it, let us know.


BACKGROUND: At least 80% of all blindness is preventable. That’s the message of Eye Care Awareness Month - that will be marked in South Africa from 23 September to 18 October.

One of the most common causes of treatable blindness or impaired vision is cataracts - a cloudy layer that forms on the eye lens. Because cataracts form over time, it is usually associated with old age. In reality, cataracts are the leading cause of avoidable blindness in children too. Cataract surgery is quick and mostly successful, but costly - up to R25,000 an eye.


If you know of someone who needs a cataract operation but cannot afford it, please let us know. Send an email to [email protected], with “Cataract” in the subject line. 

Please give a brief background of the person’s situation and why they qualify as needy.

Also indicate any previous treatment and if they are on a waiting list at a health facility.

Please remember to include the name and contact details of the person in need, as well as your contact details. 

Requests will be followed up with a telephonic and physical assessment from sponsors to determine:

* If the applicant qualifies as a needy patient.

* If a cataract operation will medically indeed be the correct option for the patient.

In some cases, only one eye will be operated on at a time.

The assessments of the sponsors are final.

Patients must be able to receive the surgery on the day/s specified by the sponsors. 

NB: All successful patients must be able to come to Pretoria for their assessment and operation, and will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation if needed.

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