Good Morning Angels Festive: Special wheels for 5-year-old

Good Morning Angels Festive: Special wheels for 5-year-old

5-year-old Oreabetse is going to Grade R and needs special wheels for school. 

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BACKGROUND: Lebogang Motsi is the proud mother of her 5-year old Oreabetse Motsi. He is going to Grade R next year and they are very excited. Lebo is however also apprehensive. 

Little Oreabetse has cerebral palsy and uses a walking frame. He is going to a mainstream school near Rustenburg and the school has asked that she also supplies him with a wheelchair - just in case the school day gets too long and difficult or in case of an emergency. This is an expense that Lebo cannot cover. 

She’s already paying off the bills for a recent operation and other medical equipment for Oreabetse. Then there are the trips to the hospital for physio and other therapies every week and off course everything he needs for school. Lebogang wants her son to have everything he needs when he starts his school career next year, so she wrote to Good Morning Angels to ask for help.

REQUEST FOR: 5-year-old Oreabetse Motsi

REQUEST FROM: Lebogang Motsi

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Roman's Pizza. 

SPONSORING: Roman's Pizza will donate R35 000,00 towards Oreabetse’s wheelchair, medical and schooling needs


Good morning angels

I would like to start by saying you guys are doing an amazing job. Be blessed! 

I would like to request a paeds wheelchair for my almost 5 years old boy Oreabetse Letlotlo Motsi. He is about to start Grade R next year Jan in mainstream public school. Him being non-mobile and without a wheelchair seems to be a major factor for the school and me as he's getting too big to carry around.

Buti Martin, my baby was born with a brain condition called Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) resulting in him being cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia) which is a secondary disability. He can't walk independently, we have been through a lot as a family and have exhausted all financial avenues and still in deep financial debts from all his brain operations and failed shunts over the past four years of his life. I keep up with his physio, occupational therapy at the local hospital but the waiting line for wheelchairs is long. I doubt we'll have a wheelchair by January.

Please assist us by donating a lightweight paeds wheelchair for Oreabetse (preferably something foldable to get into a scholar transport) but anything would be appreciated. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Lebogang Motsi (Mother)

Rustenburg    ​

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