Good Morning Angels follow-up: Light for parents who tragically lost seven-year-old son

Good Morning Angels follow-up: Light for parents who tragically lost seven-year-old son

Help poured in for CJ’s family as Jacaranda FM’s listeners donated more than we could imagine.

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BACKGROUND: Last month, we invited Charlene and Jan Kotzé to the Jacaranda FM studio.

They had suffered an immeasurable loss. Their seven-year old son CJ died on 12 January 2018. 

He was admitted to a Randfontein hospital on Christmas Day after suffering what in layman’s terms can only be described as a heart attack. Amid the devastating loss of their son, Charlene and Jan also have to cope with a financial burden they cannot carry on their own.

They still owe some R500,000 to various health service providers after selling what they could, moving in with their parents, and clearing out their bank accounts. 

The Centurion Ladies Golf Club president, Sue Smith, joined us in studio and donated R63,000 towards CJ’s outstanding medical bills. That was, however, just the start. Jacaranda FM listeners opened their hearts and pledges started pouring in.

A total of R575,141 was paid into the Good Morning Angels Fund account for the Kotzés, added to the contribution from our first Angels, that’s a total of R 638,141.

This generosity from listeners means Charlene and Jan should be able to settle the outstanding medical debt that has been hanging over them. Finally, this family can grieve the loss of CJ. 

Contributions of R50 to R100,000 and everything in-between were made - all amounting to an incredible expression of love, help, and hope.

Thank you for being the most caring and giving listeners in the world!

Take a look at the first time Charlene and Jan joined us on air.


CJ’s health problems started on New Years’ day last year. CJ was having fun with family and friends on the jumping castle when he passed out.

His face turned blue and they rushed him to hospital - where he stayed in ICU for more than a week: he had a heart attack!

After he returned home, CJ received therapy and recovered well.

With the help of the community and wiping out all their savings, Charlene and Jan paid the R100,000 medical bill - as their medical cover was not sufficient. 

Charlene and Jan took out comprehensive medical aid, but CJ’s condition was excluded for a penalty period, as it was deemed a pre-consisting condition.

It was established that CJ was suffering from a genetic disorder, LQTS syndrome, a condition that he was born with. 

On Christmas Day last year, it happened again: CJ collapsed and again was rushed to hospital while Jan did CPR.

There was no space in a state facility and again CJ was admitted to a private hospital.

This time however, he did not go home.

On 12 January 2018, Charlene and Jan had to make the difficult decision to switch off the machines that were keeping their seven-year-old son alive. He was gone less than an hour later.

Amid the devastating loss of their son, they also have to cope with the financial debt.

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