Good Morning Angels Follow-up: Lordwick’s dustbin-digging days are over

Good Morning Angels Follow-up: Lordwick’s dustbin-digging days are over

The story of 20-year old student, Lordwick Kgatlehad us all in tears and awe. 

Lordwick Ngoako Kgatle
Lordwick Ngoako Kgatle /GMA

Lordwick funded most of his first year tertiary tuition fees by digging in dustbins for recycling materials, working in gardens, and cutting hair. Despite all his hard work, he was R8,000 short for 2018 and at risk of not being allowed access to write his final two exams to finish the year.

"… without the outstanding amount I won’t be able to complete my first year. This would mean I've worked hard for nothing.” 

Roman’s Pizza paid Lordwick’s outstanding fees, as well as his 2019 tuition fees in full, with some cash to spare for other essentials.   

An anonymous listener also deposited R8,000 in his bank account.

Yet another listener came forward on Wednesday morning.

REQUEST FOR: Lordwick Ngoako Kgatle

ANGEL: Listener Willie Marias

SPONSORING: Willie will pay R20,000 towards Lordwick’s 3rd and final year of studies, if he passes all his subjects next year. If he averages 75% in his second year, Willie will up his sponsorship to R30 000 for 2020!

Original offer: Ek was vanoggend veral geïnspireerd om die storie te hoor agter een van die manne met wie ek self geïrriteerd raak! Maar, om te hoor dat iemand ten spyte van sy omstandighede iets doen vir ‘n beter lewe, moet gevier word. Ek is bereid om Lordwick se 3de jaar te borg met ‘n bedrag van R20 000 indien hy volgende jaar sy vakke deurkom. Indien hy dit deurkom met ‘n gemiddeld van 75%+, is ek bereid om ‘n verdere R10 000 by te gooi!

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