Good Morning Angels Follow-up: More Youth Day surprises for Garaletsang Home

Good Morning Angels Follow-up: More Youth Day surprises for Garaletsang Home

Earlier this month, DJ Lamiez joined Good Morning Angels in studio on behalf of the children of Garaletsang Children’s Home in Lotus Gardens in Tshwane. 

lamiez and Chuli chana
Source: Jacaranda FM/Good Morning Angels

BACKGROUND:  The home was started by an elderly couple as a community day care, but it soon became a permanent home to 24 abandoned, abused or orphaned children, with more children finding a temporary shelter there, as a place of safety. DJ Lamiez and her husband, Khuli Chana adopted the home a year ago – to assist with funding and fundraising as they do not receive state funding. Living conditions at the home are very basic with the children sharing the available beds, and some sleeping on the floor. Lamiez had plans drawn up to have a proper home built (pending permissions from the City Council), which she will fund. In the meantime, the children have been moved to a Cricket Hall in Atteridgeville, where living conditions are much improved.   

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The Angels at Lotters Pine donated 20 bunk beds and 40 mattresses for the children of Garaletsang Home - and this morning these beds will be delivered! Good Morning Angels assisted with R35 000 from the Good Morning Angels Fund for day-to-day necessities for the children - and more angels have come on board with surprises for the children, their guardians and their patron, DJ Lamiez! 

We would like to thank all the amazing Angels who came together to make this Youth Day Celebration with DJ Lamiez, her husband, Khuli Chana and the children and staff of Garaletsang Children’s Home possible!

ANGEL 1: Lotters Pine represented by Adilia Joubert

SPONSORING: 20 brand new bunk beds and 40 brand new mattresses delivered - plus - chalk paint and brushes to enable the children to personalise their beds with paint!

ANGEL 2: The South Lions Club represented by Clint Guthrie 

SPONSORING: 40 sets of new bed linen including: duvets and covers, blankets, bed sheets, pillows and pillowcases - 20 boys and 20 girls designs

ANGEL 3: Elaine Jacobs representing Kiowa Arapaho Spur

SPONSORING: A special Spur breakfast meal, packed in a lunch box and squeeze bottle for each child

ANGEL 4: Willem Ciro from Glenfair Spar

SPONSORING: Willem and his team will set up a Lavazza coffee bar and breakfast snacks for all the adult guests at the home 

ANGEL 5: Jacques Pienaar representing Buco Hardware and their suppliers  

SPONSORING: Buco Hardware and their suppliers will donate building material worth R250 000 to help DJ Lamiez with the construction of the new, permanent Garaletsang Home!

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