Good Morning Angels: Giving a single mom the opportunity to spread her wings

Good Morning Angels: Giving a single mom the opportunity to spread her wings

Giving a single mom the opportunity to spread her wings and drive …

Good Morning Angels for a single mother
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BACKGROUND: 26-year old single mom, Refelwe Malele is "a hardworking go-getter. She’s a really quick learner and her enthusiasm is exciting!” That’s how Refelwe's supervisor at work, Sonja Grobler describes her: "Her personality and potential shines.” Refelwe has set herself one big goal for 2019, to advance her career by getting her driver’s license. No matter how motivated Refelwe is, she does not have a car of her own or access to one and cannot afford driving lessons. As a single mom of 6-year old Ntokozo, she also looks after her mother, who has recently gone on pension. Refelwe wants to get her driver’s license as she needs this to advance her career and come into contention for promotion at work. She desperately wants to do this, to enable her look after her mom and son. She gets no child support and needs additional funds for school fees, school uniform and stationary when Ntokozo goes to Grade 1 next year.

REQUEST FOR: Refelwe Malele

REQUEST FROM: Sonja Grobler

ANGEL 1: Joe Potgieter, owner of Executive Driving School

SPONSORING: Joe and his team at Executive Driving School will assist Refelwe to obtain her learner license, then assist her with driving lessons (at least 10), supply the car, make the appointments and take her to do her drivers’ license test. They will do this free of charge!  

ANGEL 2: Good Morning Angels Fund NPC  

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Refelwe with R10 000,00 towards her son, Ntokozo’s school fees, uniform and stationery for when he enrols in Grade 1 next year. 

AND, we invite Refelwe and Sonja (total 4 people) to be our guests at the Discovery Jacaranda FM Spring Walk 2019 at Loftus on Saturday, 14 September!

ORIGINAL REQUEST: Hi there Angels, 

This morning I’m asking for assistance in helping my employee to get her license.

 Refelwe Malele (26 years old) has been employed in my department for almost a year now.

She has been a really quick learner and her enthusiasm is exciting!!

Her personality and potential shines in the office and she is a real go-getter!!

One thing keeping her back on her own growth is getting her driver’s license.

She is a single parent and looks after her son on her own and also help her mother at the time, emotionally and financially where she can.

The cost of getting her driver’s license has really been keeping her back.

She did save up some money but had to use it to help her mom with medicine when she fell ill. 

She currently resides in Tembisa and travels to Isando every day for work, but it’s been really stressful for her.

Her goal for 2019 is to get her Driver’s license is there any way the angels can help this lady to let her dream come true and let her goal fly high?                    

 Kind Regards

Sonja Grobler

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