Good Morning Angels: Helping a grandmother look after six grandchildren

Good Morning Angels: Helping a grandmother look after six grandchildren

Helping grandmother Barbara Hlabangana to be a mother to disabled Likhona and her five other grandchildren.

Barbara Hlabangana and Likhona
Jacaranda FM

Barbara Hlabangana, 60, lives for her grandchildren. All six of them, between the ages of two and 14, live with Barbara. 

She is unemployed, but somehow makes it work. One of her grandchildren, 14-year-old Likhona, is physically challenged and struggles to walk.

Barbara has made sure that she doesn't miss out on school and carries her to the Khulasizwe Primary School, where she is currently in Grade 7. 

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Members of the community saw this and helped to find a second-hand wheelchair, to make the trips to school a little easier. Barbara has been advised that Likhona’s walking would be improved with leg braces and crutches - which she has applied for from the state.

Barbara believes that this would be a better option, as the wheelchair is too big for Likhona to handle herself and also difficult to accommodate in public transport.

Barbara admits that her situation has been overwhelming at times: “I once considered hanging myself, but who would look after the children?”

The 60-year-old grandmother says she wants to work and earn an income, but she’s not been able to find anything that would also allow her to look after the children.

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Her dream is to start a baking and cooking home business, that would enable her to earn a living while being available for her children.  

REQUEST FOR: Barbara Hlabangana and 14-year-old Likhona

REQUEST FROM: Liana van Heerden and Andie Jae

ANGEL 1: Mzi Tyhokolo, Group CEO of SLG, the second largest natural Gas Trader in Southern Africa

SPONSORING: SLG will assist Barbara with R35,000 to get the correct leg braces for Likhona and to start her home business, to enable her to care for her six children!  

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will match the SLG donation with another R35,000 to assist with rent and utilities, nappies for Likhona, and food for the family! 

Barbara Hlabangana and grandaughter
Jacaranda FM


“Good morning … 

This message was sent from our school group. It’s a request from a class assistant  …

Morning guys may I kindly ask a favour … anyone with a wheelchair?  There is a child struggling to walk and she has a hump. When going to school, her grandmother also struggles to carry her on her back - she is old.  Please contact if you want to donate money towards this precious girl for a wheelchair. 


 Please can Good Morning Angels look into this and assist?

I can help to reach the grandmother and get more information if needed.

Liana van Heerden (HD)

Con Amore School”

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