Good Morning Angels: Helping a top-performing matriculant achieve his dream

Good Morning Angels: Helping a top-performing matriculant achieve his dream

Good Morning Angels and Roman's Pizza have joined forces to help a hard-working matriculant achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

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Helping a hard-working, top-matriculant achieve his dream to become a doctor. 

BACKGROUND: If hard work, determination, talent, and positivity were the only requirements to succeed in life, matriculant Neo Sechele’s future would be secure and bright. He was chosen as head-boy of his school, is an academic top-ten achiever, and has already been selected to study medicine next year. Despite his achievements, his teachers describe Neo as a humble student, who is always willing to help. 

Neo’s matric year started with his family moving two hours from school due to financial difficulties. He took the long road to school by taxi every morning and never arrived late. This despite only getting home after 19h00 after extra-mural activities and extra classes. Neo’s teacher has asked Good Morning Angels to invest in Neo’s future. He has a partial bursary for next year, but he needs some more help as his family does not have the means to financially support his studies.

REQUEST FOR: Neo Sechele

REQUEST FROM: Liz-Marie van der Westhuizen 

ANGEL:  Bonnie Cooper, Chief Media Officer of Romans Pizza, our fabulous GMA Festive Edition sponsor  

SPONSORING: Romans Pizza will donate R30,000 towards Neo’s res fees at UCT next year.


I am a teacher at a high school in Rustenburg. 

Our head boy is a top achiever, an incredible young man who will achieve greatness in his life. Despite being chosen as head boy after only three years in the school, Neo Sechele has remained a humble and kind young man who is willing to do anything for those around him.

Unfortunately, recently, due to financial difficulties his family has moved away. Neo now has to travel two hours to and from school every day. With extra mural activities and extra classes, he often leaves school after 17h or 18h and arrives home by taxi only after 19h00 each night. Yet, despite this - and despite the long distance - he is never late for school. He is always here before 7h00 each morning. 

Neo remains a top achiever with distinctions in most of his subjects and he is a top 10 achiever.

In order for Neo to be facilitated in the school hostel, we need about R8905 per term. There are two terms left, so the total amount we need would be about R16 000. As an individual, I am willing to contribute his full lodging for September which is an amount of R3228. 

If anyone could help make this outstanding young man's life a little easier, it would certainly be appreciated. 

Please help us to assist this outstanding young man who will definitely change the world once he qualifies in his prospective career. 

Liz-Marie van der Westhuizen

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