Good Morning Angels: Helping a young ICU sister on her way to recovery

Good Morning Angels: Helping a young ICU sister on her way to recovery

The Angels have come together to help a young ICU sister as she recovers from life-threatening Covid-complications. 

Good Morning Angels
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BACKGROUND: Bianca, a 29-year-old ICU Sister at a private Gauteng hospital, is used to caring for severely ill patients. She’s used to the stress of working 12-hour shifts, often in a  life-or-death environment. As part of a team of essential medical professionals, she took care of countless Covid-patients and by implication their loved ones. She took great care not to fall ill herself, but earlier this year, it was her turn to be the patient. Despite her young age and healthy, active lifestyle, Bianca’s Covid experience was life-threatening. She developed blood clots in the lungs, was admitted to the hospital and was in recovery for a long time. When she returned to work in May, Bianca hoped that the worst was over.  While working a shift in the ICU, Bianca felt short of breath, to the point that she struggled to breathe. Upon examination, her doctor found blood in her lungs - she had severe internal bleeding and was admitted immediately. Bianca was again fighting for her life. After five weeks, Bianca was released from the hospital, happy to be alive, but very weak.

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She moved in with her parents, both teachers, as her husband also works long shifts and is therefore not able to take care of her. Bianca’s medical aid covers the cost of her treatment and rehab, but she has long exhausted all her sick and annual leave. This means, that she cannot earn a salary on her long road to recovery. While her parents assist with the cost of her monthly medical aid payments, other financial commitments are a struggle and a great cause of concern. One of her very worried ICU colleagues, wrote to Good Morning Angels on Bianca’s behalf, asking for financial assistance for this young, dedicated health care professional, who has so much more to give her patients.

REQUEST FOR: Bianca from Kempton Park 

REQUEST FROM: A Colleague 

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will assist Bianca with R 25 000 to help her financially back on her feet as she recovers from her extended illness

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Goeie môre, 

Ek is 'n ICU suster, en my kollega is tans ook in die ICU opgeneem met gevolge van Covid. Sy is ook n ICU suster. Sy het Covid gehad en pulmonale emboliee gekry. Sedert Vrydg het sy baie agter uitgegaan en is sy op 'n Ventilator gesit. Die probleem tans is dat alhoewel die mediese fonds haar behandeling betaal, is haar siekverlof en verlof reeds uitgeput. Dit gaan nou deur as onbetaalde verlof. Soos dit nou lyk sal sy vir volgende 4 maande ten minste nie kan werk nie. En sy het tans 'n minimale inkomste wat nie eers haar woonstel se paaiement dek nie. Is daar dalk ’n moontlikheid om haar by te staan? Sy is op die oomblik kritiek siek by ons in ICU. 

Baie dankie,

’n Baie bekommerde kollega

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