Good Morning Angels: Lending a hand to a dedicated Maths teacher in Edenvale

Good Morning Angels: Lending a hand to a dedicated Maths teacher in Edenvale

Roman’s Pizza will assist teacher Joseph with R20,000 to have his car repaired! 

Jacob GMA 11 Dec
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BACKGROUND:  He is not only a dedicated and brilliant maths teacher - he’s invested in the future of every young mind in his class. His colleague, Cherilee Sharpley, describes him as an inspiration to the staff as well as the children at the school. Joseph’s car recently broke down and the R7,000 quote to have it repaired is a financial bridge too far for this teacher and his family. This, however, has only motivated him more and his transport woes have not been an excuse to not turn up for his students. Cherilee says Joseph is at school at 5:30 on some days, as he is reliant on lifts and arrangements with friends and other family. She wrote to Good Morning Angels to assist to remove this hurdle from his life, to enable him to walk the extra mile for his students.

REQUEST FOR: Joseph Mambika 

REQUEST FROM: Cherilee Sharpley 

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper, MD of our fabulous Festive sponsors, Roman’s Pizza 

SPONSORING: Roman’s Pizza will assist teacher Joseph with R20,000 to have his car repaired, to enable him to do the job he loves so much.


Good day

I would humbly like to approach you for financial assistance or professional help for a colleague and the most amazing, passionate person I know – Joseph Mambika.

We are colleagues at Eden Glen High school where he fulfils an important role as the Mathematics teacher. He is not only passionate about his job, but also about every young person attending his class. He is an inspiration to us all - while facing a financial battle and tough times we are all aware of, he never misses a day from school.

His car broke down and as the only means of transport he just doesn’t have the financial means to repair the vehicle. Currently he and his family are suffering without transport.

He makes use of assistance and support from friends to get to and from school daily. He even reports at the school as early as 05:30 to ensure he does not miss school. He sets an example for all of us as his colleagues and the younger generation.

He is humble, respectful and is always willing to walk the extra mile. He always puts others above himself. True inspiration with his positive attitude, ready to motivate and lend a helping hand wherever it is needed, therefore I would like to request your assistance in this matter.

If we can help him to repair his vehicle it would mean the world to him and his family. While he is always putting a smile on someone’s face and showing love and care, would you help us to touch his heart the way he touches our hearts daily.

Kind Regards

Cherilee Sharpley

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