Good Morning Angels: Little Rimon fights for her life while battling Leukaemia

Good Morning Angels: Little Rimon fights for her life while battling Leukaemia

Every day, little Rimon fights for her life and all that her family can do is pray.

Good Morning Angels Little Rimon


Four-year-old little Rimon Botha was fighting a tough battle with Leukaemia. On Thursday, she sadly passed away.

In memory of little Rimon visit to become a bone marrow donor.

BACKGROUND: Four-year old Rimon Botha is a little fighter. She was born two months early to mom, Monique, and dad, Theann. She spent her first weeks in ICU, but quickly grew strong and healthy to be the joy of her parents. With her big bright eyes, generous smile, and bouncy blond locks, Rimon is her grandmother Marietjie Johnsen's little princess. At the age of two, Rimon “skipped a grade” at school, as she excelled above her age. She enjoys ballet, music and art…

In April last year, Rimon became lethargic and just didn’t feel well. She didn’t have a fever or any visible symptoms, but Monique took her to the doctor. A few days later, this little family received shattering news: Rimon was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma Leukaemia, a rare form of blood cancer. Doctors immediately started aggressive chemo and after nine gruelling sessions, in October, Rimon was in remission and the family could finally start building their lives again.

The respite was short-lived and a month later, Rimon was back on chemo with the reality that only a bone marrow transplant could cure her.

Monique has been by Rimon’s bedside every day of her cancer battle and her teacher dad has to keep the family afloat financially.

Their medical aid refuses to pay for a donor search or transplant, which could cost well over R1.5-million.

In the meantime, little Rimon is very ill and fighting on in hospital, with her family by her side, praying for a miracle. 

REQUEST FOR: Four-year old Rimon Botha and her mom, Monique, and dad, Theann

ANGEL 1: Rayno Strauss on behalf of Gerhard and Rayno’s annual Survivors Golf Day.

SPONSORING: At their annual Survivors Golf Day on 22 November 2019 at Pretoria Country Club, Gerhard and Rayno donated R200,000 to Rimon’s family towards her cancer treatment, on behalf of all the players and sponsors. 

Today, they will donate another R30,000 towards Rimon’s cancer treatment from their Golf Day.

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund NPC will donate another R50,000 towards Rimon’s cancer treatment.


If you want to assist this family, to fight Rimon’s cancer, please make a donation: 

Good Morning Angels


Rimon was born on the 25th of July 2015, two months prem.  This little angel, delivered early, soon showed fighting spirit and character when she coped without oxygen soon after she was born.  She spent her first weeks in ICU and went home with her joyous parents, overwhelmed with pride and gratitude.

Rimon “skipped a grade at school” when she moved classes at the age of two, as she was excelling and “off the record”, a favourite with all the teachers.  She loved the ballet classes and her love for music, dancing and creative arts defined this little Princess with her beautiful smile and golden locks.  Her positive attitude, bright mind and amazing sense of humour are characteristics that now seems so important, whilst going through the most difficult battle in her life.

Monique, Rimon’s mom realised something was wrong, when she started complaining, but with no visible “signs” and lack of fever, the doctors referred her to a Paediatrician about a week after the initial “not feeling well”. Any parent’s worst nightmare happened, when she was diagnosed with cancer, two days later (the 12th of April 2019), only to be confirmed that it was Burkitt’s Lymphoma Leukaemia a few days later.  This was a huge shock and the oncologist informed the family that this is a rare leukaemia, but was treatable with chemo therapy and the protocol was explained and intensive treatment proceeded immediately.

During the second chemo treatment, Rimon was rushed to ICU, when her little body was taking strain.  She stayed in ICU for just over two weeks, fighting infections and a lot of pain and trauma. She completed her 9 sessions of chemo therapy at the end of October and everybody was relieved to know that this brave little girl could now carry on with her life, as a normal little girl, after being in hospital for about 95% of the time the past 7 months.

Rimon complained about back pain and was in constant pain when her mom took her to hospital on Monday, the 11th of November. Bone marrow tests revealed the shocker!  The cancer was back and Rimon’s only chance of survival was to get her into remission again and an urgent bone marrow transplant is needed! 

Her family is devastated as the cost of the procedure is in access of R1.5 million, which the medical aid will not cover.  Their medical bills for the past 7 months are already beyond their ability to cover and finding a donor that will match is a huge task, as they don’t have time on hands.  Little Rimon is a real warrior, but after 7 months of intense chemo therapy, not being able to eat, she’s taking strain and is weak, but fighting with a lot of grace and mercy.

Her parents (family and friends) will do whatever is needed to help this little Princess to survive this serious battle against cancer, by the grace of God and God willing.

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