Good Morning Angels: R100,000 for the fight against gender-based violence

Good Morning Angels: R100,000 for the fight against gender-based violence

GBV crusaders, FamPro, get an unexpected boost from Jacaranda FM listeners, who participated in the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022!

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BACKGROUND: At the beginning of Women’s Month this year, we introduced you to the Family Protection Association SA (FamPro). Working with the Department of Social Development and the SAPS, FamPro provides legal assistance and representation to survivors of gender-based violence, trafficking, and neglect, as well as an intervention on behalf of minor children. 

Good Morning Angels: Woman takes in abandoned children

At the time, FamPro had concluded 18 cases successfully, they had six cases running in court, and nine more cases waiting. Currently, FamPro have 465 court cases running for survivors who cannot afford legal representation.

FamPro is a non-profit and receives no funding from the state - they are dependent on public donations and volunteers.  

They need all the help they can get to represent those who need it most.

For more info, visit:  

7:10 CALL:: Natasha Dixon, founder of FamPro 

ANGEL 1: Jacaranda FM listeners who participated in the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022 

SPONSORING: Online entrants for the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge were given the option to donate to a number of causes, including Good Morning Angels. An amazing total of R70,000 was donated in this way! Good Morning Angels nominated all these funds to support FamPro in their invaluable work to assist survivors of abuse to reclaim their lives and independence. Thank you to all the entrants who donated and thank you Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge for making it possible!

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will add another R30,000 for a total donation to FamPro of R100,000!

Good Morning Angels: Saving a young dad's eyesight


Dear Good Morning Angels,

FamPro is a non- profit and we act in the best interest of the voiceless, the vulnerable, abused women, children and men! We get our funding from the public and are not in any means funded by the state. Our services include Legal assistance for abuse victims and intervention regarding minor children working together with DSD and the SAPS. We fight the fight the right way.

We have 6 cases running in court, and 9 more cases in the coming week, from GBV to acting in the best interest of minor children. We have so far concluded 18 cases successfully.We as FAMPRO need your support, as experts and Legal, costs a lot of  money.

What we do is difficult as we are all mothers, have families we love and care for each day. Abuse has no race, age or gender. We get up and go each and everyday because making a difference is the most important thing to changing the world one step at a time. South Africa is dark and we are reminded of it every day but in the darkness there is always a little light.

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