Good Morning Angels: Supporting the SOS Children's Villages

Good Morning Angels: Supporting the SOS Children's Villages

Good Morning Angels supported the SOS Children's Villages by buying one of the children's art pieces.

Andile Khumalo Art SOS Children's Villages

BACKGROUND: Andile Khumalo from Mamelodi is in Grade 8. He is one of 85 children who have found a new family and home at the SOS Children’s Village in Mamelodi, as he cannot live with his own family. 

“I miss my family and that’s why I painted a tree - my family tree.” 

He is one of 20 children from SOS Mamelodi whose art is on auction to raise funds for the SOS Children’s Villages.

Just over 80 young artists participated in a special art workshop recently, hosted by professional artists with professional materials at the SOS Children’s Villages in Mamelodi, Ennerdale, Pietermaritzburg, and Cape Town, to hone their craft. After the workshop, they each chose an art piece that is currently in an online auction. 

The funds raised will go towards the Children’s Villages, with a percentage going towards each young artist, to start a nest egg of their own for their future.  

Children are placed in the care of the SOS Children’s Villages across South Africa because of poverty, neglect or abuse. There they find a new family, who also supports other vulnerable families in the community. In Mamelodi, a total of 134 families with 372 children, where Gogos, single moms or older siblings are typically the primary caregivers, are supported by the SOS Children’s Villages.

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SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will buy Andile Khumalo's art piece for R30,000 to support the auction and fundraiser.

Andile Khumalo Art SOS Children's Villages


The SOS Children’s Villages is a national organisation with 11 well-established projects in eight provinces.

The SOS model is based on “family” as the foundation of child care. 

The model was founded in Germany in 1949 - and has been adopted and adapted to realities in South Africa.

Former president Nelson Mandela was a big advocate for the SOS Children’s Villages as they did so much to assist with HIV/Aids orphans and education.

SOS not only care for children but prepares and supports them for adulthood - 52% of children are self-sufficient when they move on from the village.

"With our unique model of SOS family care, we create a family-like environment for children who are without adequate parental care. In our work with SOS families, we constantly gain experience and expand our care expertise. We amplify this knowledge to prevent vulnerable families from breaking down through family strengthening and to engage in other forms of locally relevant alternative care".

SOS has a two-tiered approach: 

1. SOS Children’s Village - Alternative Care: The children’s village is like a traditional children’s home (orphanage), where children are taken away from their family home due to neglect, poverty, abuse etc. Each village is made up of different houses on the SOS grounds, with house parents, to create a “family” experience. Mamelodi has 85 children and Ennerdale has 96 children. A total of 758 children currently live in the Villages.

2. Family Strengthening Programmes - First Option Care: Support for vulnerable families who live in the communities around the SOS villages - where children stay in their own family structures and the family is supported by the SOS Structures. These are typically families where the gogo, single moms or older siblings (child-headed households) are the primary caregivers. Around 4600 children and youth are supported in this way.

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