Good Morning Angels: Turbo the labrador gets Angel help

Good Morning Angels: Turbo the labrador gets Angel help

After some much-needed help for Turbo the labrador, Bob Martin and Jacaranda FM launch the 'Help Them, Feed Them' campaign to assist other animal friends in need. Read more below!

Turbo Family
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BACKGROUND: Turbo is a seven-year-old Labrador and the best friend and companion of 16-year-old Luzé. Turbo has been a part of Luzé’s life since she was 11. She got him when her parents were divorced. He is her best friend and companion and emotional support dog. Luzé, Turbo, and her mom, Karen, have created their little family together, after many years of difficulty and the eventual divorce. Luzé’s dad is not really part of their lives. She still receives therapy to deal with everything - but Turbo and her mom have been the pillars and constants in her life.

A few months ago, Turbo started limping. Karen and Luzé took him to the vet and were devastated to hear that he was in great pain due to a problem with his leg. An operation with a cost of R15,000 was the diagnosis. They took him to a veterinary surgeon, who suggested injection therapy first, as his kidneys have also been affected. The cost, however, remains the same and Turbo has to follow a special diet while in treatment - also at an additional cost. Karen and Luzé are very worried about Turbo and will do anything to get him back to his happy, healthy self. But, this family is already financially stretched and the additional medical expenses for Turbo lie before them like a mountain. 

Karen reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance, as she cannot bare to see her daughter and their beloved Turbo go through this additional trauma - and financially she has nowhere else to turn. “… die enigste ander opsie is om hom te laat uitsit - en dit sal ek nie kan doen nie. Ek skenk eerder my nier voor ek my kind se hart moet breek. Ek kan nie meer elke dag hom so sien ly nie". 

REQUEST FOR: Turbo the Labrador and Luzé  

REQUEST FROM: Karen, Luzé’s mom 

ANGEL 1: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist Karen and Luzé with the R15,000 needed for Turbo’s treatment

ANGEL 2: Su-Lise Tessendorf-Louw, Marketing Executive of Bob Martin

SPONSORING: Bob Martin will assist Karen and Luzé with food and other necessities to look after their beloved Turbo and keep him healthy and happy. They will assist this family to stay together for a full year! (to the value of R12 000) 

Bob Martin also wants to help other families who are struggling financially to keep their beloved pets, with their 'Help Them, Feed Them' campaign.

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If you know of a pet whose family is struggling to look after them, let us know. Send an email with all the details to [email protected] with “PETS” in the subject line. Let’s 'Help Them, Feed Them'!



My kind, Luzé se hond, Turbo het ‘n operasie nodig wat seker R15 000 gaan kos. Haar pa is nie regtig betrokke by haar nie en ek kan dit nie met net my salaris en lewenskostes bybring nie.

Die operasie was gequote 2 jaar terug as R12k – ons het probeer spaar maar agv die stygende lewenskostes is dit nie moontlik nie. 

My wens is dat die operasie gedoen kan word want op die stadium gebruik hy elke dag pynmedikasie en ons kan sien in die laaste maand dat dit nie meer so goed werk nie. Ek kry haar innig jammer, want dit is haar enigste dier en maat en as die operasie nie gedoen kan word nie, is die enigste ander opsie om hom te laat uitsit - en dit sal ek nie kan doen nie – ek skenk eerder my nier voor ek my kind se hart moet breek. Ek kan nie meer elke dag hom so sien ly nie. Ons het baie middae met hom gaan stap en kan nie meer nie omdat sy been te seer is – en dit is iets wat hy baaaaaiiiieeee geniet het en nou nie meer kan doen nie. Die been is so seer dat hy al begin sukkel om op te staan. Ek het kwotasies gekry en ook by Onderstepoort, wat veronderstel is om goedkoop te wees, maar even hulle kwotasie was R12k. 

Asseblief help hom!


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