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Good Morning Angels: ‘Tweety’ desperately needs new tyres

Marietjie and her little car, affectionately known as “Tweety”, needs some urgent help. Tweety has not had new tyres since 2006, simply because Marietjie cannot afford it.

Good morning angels Tweety
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BACKGROUND: Martietjie van Vuuren dedicates her life to helping families and children in need. She works at the NGO, FAMSA (Family And Marriage Society of South Africa) in Brooklyn, where services like counselling, trauma debriefing, support for community projects, and marriage preparation are offered to residents of Pretoria, Soshanguve, and Mamelodi. She looked after her parents, but lost them both within a matter of months from one another. Besides the emotional loss, she also had to carry the extra financial burden. 

Now, Marietjie - but more especially her little car affectionately known as “Tweety” - needs some urgent help. Tweety has not had new tyres since 2006, simply because Marietjie cannot afford it. It’s become so bad, that she has to pump one of the tyres every morning and every evening before she can drive. Her friend and colleague, Marinda, is very worried about this unsafe situation and asked Good Morning Angels to help Tweety get new tyres! 

REQUEST FROM: Marinda Rautenbach

REQUEST FOR: Marietjie van Vuuren

ANGEL: Yolandi Heyns from Lombard Tyres

SPONSORING: Lombard Tyres will sponsor a brand new set of Goodride tyres, plus a spare tyre, fitted with wheel alignment and balancing all included. Also included, is Lombard Tyres' kilometre extension maintenance contract valued at R 1,750 that will ensure that Marietjie does not have to pay for these services again for the next few years. Marietjie can have this done at any of Lombard’s branches in Silverton, Gezina, and Centurion.


Good morning!

Tweety needs tyres please

My friend and colleague Marietjie van Vuuren (single child) lost both her parents within 3 months, last year. She works with me for Famsa Pretoria, a non-profit-organisation. We receive the tiniest salaries you can imagine but we work with the most awesome people.

Marietjie’s car, named ‘Tweety’ (Hyundai Atos A10) desperately needs new tyres. She has to pump one of the back wheels tyres every morning and every evening otherwise she cannot get home or get to work. Two of the tyres are punctured very badly and she was advised that they have to be replaced but she simply cannot afford it.

If someone is willing to assist her with tyres it would mean the world to her.

Kind regards

Marinda Rautenbach

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