Good Morning Angels: A young woman gets the gift of hearing

Good Morning Angels: A young woman gets the gift of hearing

The Angels came together to give Nadine the gift of hearing, enabling her to land her dream job!

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25-year-old Nadine lives with her parents in the East Rand. Those who know her describe her as vibrant, friendly and always willing to help. She has always struggled with her hearing and has been wearing hearing aids since primary school. She was able to adjust but, her hearing has worsened over time and her hearing aids are not effective anymore. It has deteriorated to the point where she is struggling to communicate and therefore is unable to get or hold a job. 

Nadine loves to work with people and she’s eager to be able to support herself. She was able to get a learnership at a hospital, that includes training for an NQF level 4 certificate. This would put her well on her way to securing a permanent job and the opportunity to develop and build a career. 

The only obstacle at this point is her hearing which could dramatically improve with the correct specialised hearing aids. These however come at a cost of R100 000 which she simply cannot afford. Her parents are trying their best and have resorted to selling personal belongings to get together some of the funds. Her aunt, Marcia and her supervisor at work, Geraldine wrote to Good Morning Angels; to assist with hearing aids for this enthusiastic and hard-working young woman, to enable her to fulfil her potential.

REQUEST FOR: Nadine Daley

REQUEST FROM: Marcia Daley and Geraldine Roux 

ANGEL: Willem Rheeder from Healthy Hearing   

SPONSORING: Brand new hearing aids for Nadine that is imported from Denmark and priced at R100 000 with custom-made moulds to enable her to do her course and get that job! Willem and the team at Healthy Hearing will first do various tests, fit and make the moulds and also do all the alterations free of charge. 


Good morning

I want to introduce you to 25-year-old Nadine. Nadine is a very vibrant and friendly young lady. She is always willing to help other people. Nadine has overcome many obstacles in her life - the only challenge now, is that she has a hearing disability. It is a huge challenge for her to get a permanent job with her disability.

Currently, she has an opportunity to take part in a learnership, and to obtain an NQF level 4 certificate. If she completes this successfully, she will be able to obtain a permanent position.

It was found that her hearing loss has increased and her current hearing aids are not sufficient enough for her to reach her full potential. Unfortunately, the devices recommended for her are very costly and currently, her parents are trying to raise the funds.

They are placing some of their assets up for sale to try and provide a better future for their daughter. The cost is an estimated of R100 000 for the devices. Should she be able to obtain the devices, she might have the opportunity to be able to get a permanent position at the company where she is doing her internship.

Currently, she has a similar device given to her on trial and it has already changed her life. She has more confidence when she has to speak to the patients and has even started to answer phone calls.

With this, I am asking if there is any chance that there might be a possibility that “Good morning Angels’’ can assist her?

Thank you,

Marcia (Nadine’s aunt) and Geraldine (Nadine’s supervisor)

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