Looking for love? Click here

Looking for love? Click here

In a world where social distancing has become the new normal, how on earth are we supposed to find the one? The apps we use aren't exactly the best at finding love, awkward text exchanges and then nothing, so where do we even start?

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Cloud Dating: Before you stop and roll your eyes at me, hear me out! This is a dating site unlike any other you may have experienced! This is speed dating in 2020! 

Created by Nicholas Clother-Sinclair, Cloud Dating will change the way we date, the way we meet people, and the way we find love from here on out. It is the platform for the future and it's affordable, easy to use, and already proving to be successful! But, what is it? 

You know Zoom? Like that, but with speed dating! I got Nicholas on a Zoom (not for dating, this one was just for talking) to chat about the how, the who, and if this really is working! 

Spoiler: It is! And there are testimonials to prove it! 

Listen here: 

You can sign up and find your perfect partner here: www.clouddating.co.za

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