Albert van Wyk: Three tips on how to save more money

Albert van Wyk: Three tips on how to save more money

Times are tough and we could all do with some extra money at the end of a month. As a result, millionaire Albert van Wyk has shared some ideas on how to save money. 

Albert van Wyk: Five tips on how to save more money
Instagram / Albert van Wyk

South Africa is becoming a very expensive place to live. If it isn't the petrol price skyrocketing, then electricity is going up and up. This all leads to your daily expenses increasing too, making life incredibly tough for the masses.

We all need to save a little extra money, even though it is not easy. Albert van Wyk shared some advice on how to do just that: 

1. Pay yourself first: Take a certain amount of money every month and put a debit order on it and that money goes straight into an investment fund. 

2. 70/30: Invest 70% of your money and live on 30% of your income.

3. Put pressure on yourself to save: Remind yourself on how much you want to save. 

Van Wyk believes that these three tips are the best to follow if you want to save more money.

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