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This 6-year-old has been named one of the highest paid people on the internet

While most of us were eating grass and playing pretend at 6-years-old, this little guy opted for raking in $11-million.

Ryan ToysReview
YouTube Screenshot/Ryan ToysReview

As the host of a popular family run YouTube channel Ryan spends his days reviewing toys and making bank in the process.

The channel 'Ryan ToysReview' generated around $11 million in pretax income this year alone and according to Forbes' annual list, makes little Ryan one of the top 10 highest earning YouTube celebrities.

So much for our parents telling us to stay away from all things internet.  

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YouTube Screenshot/Ryan ToysReview

Ryan started his high paying gig at just 4-years-old after becoming a fan of toy-review videos online and asking his parents why he couldn't also review toys online. Fast forward to a couple of years later and the channel has over 10 million subscribers and some of the highest views per video on YouTube with some reviews raking in as many as 5 million views.

Remeber how your parents thought that video of you playing with your first puppy was the best video ever? It wasn't. Well not in comparison to these figures. 

Do you have a budding superstar of a child? Watch one of Ryan's reviews below. 

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