Customers to sue over misleading burger portion sizes

Customers to sue over misleading burger portion sizes

A whopping disappointment!

Meat and cheese burger surrounded by sesame seeds
Meat and cheese burger surrounded by sesame seeds/Unsplash Website

When it comes to advertising, there are people who believe everything they see and then there are those who question everything they see...

Which one are you? 

Depending on which one you are, this story will affect you in different ways. 

We all know and love fast food, well, to some extent. But sometimes fast food conglomerates can be a bit cheeky with their advertising. 

If you watched 'The Founder', which shares the story of how McDonald's became a franchise, you will understand that as these businesses grow, it becomes more about turnover than honesty. 

It seems that some people are speaking out about this as "a new lawsuit is claiming Burger King is misleading customers about its menu items, including the signature Whopper, in a new lawsuit." (Business Insider)

The lawsuit is focused on the premise that the burger chain is actually misrepresenting the size of their burgers in their advertisements, making them appear larger than they are. 


"The Whopper specifically is advertised as 35% larger than the actual product, the suits says, citing food reviewers on social media." (Business Insider)

The lawsuit states: "Although the size of the Whopper increased materially in Burger King's advertisements, the recipe or the amount of beef or ingredients contained in Burger King's Whopper has never changed." 

Although lawsuits against fast food chains are common when it comes to false advertising, the amount of cases have risen over the past number of years.

Image Courtesy of Unsplash Website

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