Do you social media stalk a date before meeting them?

Do you social media stalk a date before meeting them?

Well, this woman did and she got caught out by the guy...

Woman scrolling on her smart phone
Woman scrolling on her smart phone/Pexels

Dating can be tricky. Where once upon a time it was all about meeting someone in person and then courting, things have now migrated toward the world of online dating. 

And putting yourself out there can be risky, considering the amount of people that are cat fished or severely scammed using online dating. 

So it comes as no surprise that people would do their research on social media, to find out more about their potential dates. 

Ain't nothing wrong with that...

Well, nothing is wrong if you don't get caught doing it. Because when you do, you kind of look like the creepy one...

And, sadly, not all social media platforms mask your stalkerish escapades. 

So it's likely that if you don't know how to do it without getting caught, or have a PI friend who can do the digging, then best not to take a chance. 

For this TikToker, it was extremely embarrassing when she scrolled through and viewed a guy's profile on LinkedIn. She was chatting to him and wanted to make sure he was legit.

She therefore took advantage of her premium LinkedIn membership that supposedly allows you to view people's profiles incognito. 

That, however, was not the case, and sadly she found out because he mentioned it to her. How awkward is that?!

Check out what she had to say below, courtesy of TikTok:

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