Eagle tries to eat a giant octopus, resulting in a battle

Eagle tries to eat giant octopus, resulting in a battle

Sometimes your eyes are way bigger than your stomachs - this eagle fell for a similar spell.

octopus vs eagle

An eagle was nearly drowned by an octopus it tried to eat.

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The incident took place at the north-western tip of Vancouver Island. According to reports, the octopus had wound its tentacles tightly around the eagle, which was floating on the surface.

John Ilett, an employee at Mowi West Canada, told CTV News that at first they just watched and they didn’t know if they should interfere because the eagle was likely to drown. The employees at the fish farm decided to intervene.

Ilett used a pike pole to pull the octopus over to their boat. The employees managed to haul both animals aboard, disentangling the bird.


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