Elon Musk says R1.5-million is affordable

Elon Musk says R1.5-million is affordable

Anyone with R1.5-million to spare?

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South African-born tech billionaire Elon Musk says anything is possible, including saving up R1.5-million for a ticket for his Space X trip to Mars.

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Well, obviously that came across as “insane” to a lot of people. This followed a thread on Twitter where Elon Musk was talking about Space X and the excitement of potential moves to Mars.

Included in the comments was a question on how much the trips to Mars would cost. The response was definitely what had him ridiculed and people tagging him as “out of touch”.

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However, not all comments were responses to the price for tickets. Some came in with people curious on the developments of the ship and asking if Space X had plans to invent more of these ships.

See the post below:

Image Credit: @realDailyWire/Twitter

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