Man forgets R16.4m winning lottery ticket at petrol station

Man forgets R16.4m winning lottery ticket at petrol station

Can you even imagine? 

A petrol station at night
A petrol station at night/Pexels

Playing the lotto can be a gamble, obviously, but what happens if you win? 

Do you go in with a positive mindset and believe in winning, because we hardly believe that people play the lotto without the need or want to win. 

This man was a lucky winner, but due to the busy nature of life, he almost lost out on his $1-million (R16.4-million) winnings. 

"A Kansas man came into a local gas station to get three lottery tickets checked. Because the customer was in a rush, he only checked two of the tickets, and left the third one at the counter. Andy Patel, who was working the register that night, decided to check the abandoned ticket out of curiosity — it was a $1 million winning ticket!" (Goalcast)

Can you even imagine? But before your mind wanders away too much, wait till you hear what Patel and his brother did. 

Andy recognised the customer as he was a regular and so his brother and him set out in search of the customer. 

They had an idea of where in the neighbourhood he resided, so they drove around hoping they would see his car parked outside one of the homes. 

The brothers struck luck when they noticed the man's car passing by and managed to follow the customer and flag him down. When they told him the good news, the man was shaking in excitement. 

People did ask that burning question to Andy, as to why he chose to hand over the winning ticket instead of selfishly keeping it. 

And he replied by saying that not only does he believe in good deeds, but he also believes in karma. Clever chap, that Andy...

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Image Credit: Pexels


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