Meet the proud record holder for the World's Largest Pizza!

Meet the proud record holder for the World's Largest Pizza!

68,000 pieces of pizza were created and donated...

The world's largest pizza being constructed
The world's largest pizza being constructed/YouTube Screenshot/@CBSNews

If you are into the cheesy life, then you must love pizza. 

It's a worldwide favourite and the popular pizzeria Pizza Hut is famous for their range of pizzas and pastas. 

They are now proud owners of the "Guinness Book of World Records title for "World's Largest Pizza" after making a pizza on Jan. 18, with the help of YouTube star Airrack, that spanned nearly 14,000 square feet in Los Angeles." (Instagram)

After bringing along 13,653 pounds (6,192kg) of dough, 4,948 pounds (2,244kg) of sweet marinara sauce, more than 8,800 pounds (3,991kg) of cheese, and nearly 630,496 pepperoni, the pizza was laid out at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The pizza was cooked using a cooking device that hovers over the pizza. 


The pizza was cut into 68,000 pieces and donated to food banks and charities. 

That's one fine way of creating a buzz, whilst also feeding people. 

Who said you can't do it all? Certainly not Pizza Hut.

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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