This motorist has had enough of the potholes on SA's roads

This motorist has had enough of the potholes on SA's roads

Would you take a chance and upset a traffic cop?

Car licence disc on a windscreen
Car licence disc on a windscreen/Reddit/@FluxX1717

It goes without saying that it costs a lot to maintain a vehicle - and that's without all the outside factors taken into consideration. 

And now with the recent war against the petrol price, as well as the abundance of potholes on almost every road, it feels kind of stressful owning a vehicle. 

So we completely understand why some people act out. 

Have you ever hit a pothole?

If you haven't, then you must know that it can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, and most of the time it is not covered by insurance.

When we saw this photo of a motorist's handmade disc, strategically placed above their car licence disc, we knew that this was one of those moments of acting out. 

The note reads: "My car is roadworthy. Are your roads car worthy? Go and fix a fkn pothole!!" (Reddit)

When we moved on to comments section, it was interesting to see what the people of South Africa had to say. 

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Check out some of the comments below, courtesy of Reddit

This one was sure incriminating...

Sometimes it seems money talks, or in this case, some goodies. 

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