The rats are coming... up the toilet bowl!

The rats are coming... up the toilet bowl!

This is far from an ideal situation!

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We got the heebie jeebies just thinking about this...

It's like a horror movie come to life, with people in Britain finding rats the size of cats treading water and coming up their toilet bowls. 

Ain't that crazy, first we hear that some people are keeping them as pets, and now they are forcing their way into people's potty time...

We've heard of labs or scientists using rats for experimentations, could this be the result of one of those extreme research projects gone wrong?

Perhaps that's too far-fetched a theory, but something sounds off about this, don't you think...

"Experts are warning people to rat-proof their homes to ward off the rodents, some of which are said to be “as big as cats”. (Mirror)

This rat-pocolyse has the pest control experts scratching their heads, as they are overwhelmed with calls from residents about giant rats in their toilets.

We were surprised, shocked, and a little scared to hear that these rodents are excellent swimmers...

One pest control expert (Ian Helands) shared the below with The Daily Star

“No-one is safe. Rats are excellent swimmers with bendy bones and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

"They can hold their breath for three minutes and tread water for three days, and they are coming up waste pipes."

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Just as we are trying to deal with the million other things happening at the moment, there seems to be another pandemic hitting the United Kingdom. 

The invasion of rats has escalated over the years and is causing chaos. The rats are taking over, with a 25% increase each year since COVID-19, roughly 150-million! 

Maybe someone should call in UB40? Or is there such a thing as 'Rat Busters'?

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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