A 'Seapod': The future of revolutionary living

A 'Seapod': The future of revolutionary living

A Panama-based company is manufacturing revolutionary living pods that offer smart home tech, luxury living, and the beauty of the ocean.

Floating sea pod homes on the ocean
Floating sea pod homes on the ocean/Instagram Screenshot/@CNN

If you are one for extraordinary living, then you have to check out these homes. 

They combine luxury living, smart home technology, as well as the beauty of living on water. 

Sounds appealing, right? 

"Ocean Builders, a Panama-based company that specializes in innovative marine technology, has just unveiled a fleet of "revolutionary living pods"." (Instagram)

Not only does that sound appealing, it sounds like the future of living. The three models available include "flagship model the SeaPod, built for aquatic living, the GreenPod, devised for land use, and the EcoPod, an ecologically and economically friendly option." (CNN)

The seapod will be an elevated structure around 73 square metres, with living space that hosts a master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom all occupied on three and half levels. 

The design and the conceptualisation was motivated by the lack of space at luxury beach destinations, as well as allowing residents to live on water without the usual restrictions posed by living on a boat house. 

Besides the smart home technology, this type of living is focused on sustainability. With "the pods have been devised "to benefit the surrounding environment" and provide "a natural habitat for ocean life to occupy and thrive." (CNN)

"The pods will initially be located in an area close to the Linton Bay Marina. However, the Ocean Builders team hope to be able to distribute them internationally once they're confident the technology can be supported elsewhere." (CNN)

So, if you are interested, best start saving up, because the price range is anything between $295,000 (R4.8-million) to $1.5-million (R24-million). 

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