There's a hadeda walking around Pretoria with an arrow through its body...

There's a hadeda walking around Pretoria with an arrow through its body...

Come on, guys! This bird is the unofficial mascot of our country. Be better...

Hadida bird with arrow through it
Hadida bird with arrow through it/Reddit Screenshot/@u/The_Rolling_Stone

The hadeda is a friendly foe to many in South Africa. 

You can't help but love to hate them... especially when they start making that noise of theirs that we all so love and appreciate at 6am on a Saturday morning.

However, they are still living creatures and we should respect them. 

A Facebook page by the name of Owl Rescue Centre posted a pic of a hadeda recently. The page is dedicated to environmental conservation and shows the bird with an arrow through its body. 

The post reveals that as much as the bird has an arrow through its body (ouch!), it seems to be moving around fairly well.


Sadly, many people succumb to animal cruelty, their reasoning is their own. But we do not agree with any form of cruelty and despise that anyone could do this.

It seems that many people agree, and one person revealed a great clue on how to catch these culprits. 

Gillian Stewart wrote: "The arrows in these cases can yield significant clues. Contact the South African National Archery Association with the details of the arrow each time - length, colour, colour of fletches, any lettering on the shaft and any other details. They don’t wish their sport to be brought into disrepute and will probably put notices in their newsletters about penalties such as exclusion from championships etc. if members behave this way. It can’t do any harm to have THEM on our side." (Facebook)

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Image Courtesy of Reddit

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