Three dad jokes for 'National Tell A Joke Day'...

Three dad jokes for 'National Tell A Joke Day'...

If you laugh then you have to share the joke with someone today...

Photo of a happy father with his daughter
Photo of a happy father with his daughter/Pexels

In the spirit of celebrating all things funny and following the doctor's advice, we wanted to share some corny but hilarious dad jokes. 

Today is, after all, National Tell A Joke Day

And apparently telling jokes is meant to help your body release some feel good hormone. Oh, wait, that's laughing and exercise, not telling jokes. 

But we can try...

Up at one, we love this one and we have to say that it is quite original...

Now don't be tempted to screenshot too much in public, you never know what a forced outage of gas might lead to, if you know what we mean...

Courtesy of Instagram

Then up next we saw this compilation of dad jokes, courtesy of TikTok

@loganlisle Dad joke compilation #dadjokes ♬ original sound - Logan Lisle


This third one is a mix as well. And let's just say if the objective was to not laugh at the jokes, these two would've failed. 

Our favourite in this one has got to be the one about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. 

Tell us which was your favourite by commenting below. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@bro_builds Reply to @gracieeoliviaaa More dad jokes! #dadjokes #dadsoftiktok #jokess #laugh #DADMOVES ♬ original sound - Bro Builds

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