Three hundred Ferrari model cars, Schumacher's suit on auction

Three hundred Ferrari model cars, Schumacher's suit on auction

A collection of over 300 model cars that have been accrued over thirty years by a car enthusiast in South Africa has gone on auction.

Red coupe car toy
Red coupe car toy/Pexels

Can you imagine being such an avid car collector that you accumulated over 300 model cars?

Well this South African car collector has over 300 model cars that went on auction last week. 

The collection includes a "limited edition F1 Ferrari, complete with a piece of Michael Schumacher's racing suit, drawing special attention." (Business Insider)

The collection has been acquired over the span of three decades. 

Majority of the collection was no younger than twenty years and has been put on show in the auction that was hosted by the High Street Auction Company.

"Some were on display in the seller's private study for his own enjoyment, but [the] majority have remained boxed for their entire lives.

It is for this reason that the owner has decided to sell the collection, which took him many years to accumulate both locally and internationally. He decided it was not fair for the collection to be hidden away but rather to be shared." (Business Insider)

The auction was an online-only event and featured some great and unique buys for collectors. 

Legendary Michael Schumacher was also featured in the auction, with a model figurine that stemmed from his seventh world title win at the Belgian Grand Prix in 2004.

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Image Credit: Pexels


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