WATCH: Best revenge on parking spot thief ever

WATCH: Best revenge on parking spot thief ever

We've all had someone swoop in and 'steal' the parking spot we were waiting for - and it's terrible. 

Car towing

An old video has resurfaced showing a driver doing what most of us wish we could do in similar instances. 

A yellow Jeep was ready to pull into a parking spot when a red car drove right past him and nabbed the spot. The worst part is that there were other parking spots available but the red car driver just had to have that one. Security cameras captured the incident and people all over the world are still loving this clip. 

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The video shows the Jeep driver linking the car to his and towing the tiny car out of the spot before taking the parking for himself. 

You might question the legality of the whole thing but it's still hilarious to watch. 

How do you feel when someone takes your parking spot? Do you wish you could get revenge, or do you just get over it and park elsewhere? Share your opinion below. 

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