WATCH: Employee receives simple gift bag after 27-years of service!?

WATCH: Employee receives simple gift bag after 27-years of service!?

He was so humble about it in the video...

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Can you imagine giving your all to a company for 27 years and not feeling appreciated? 

Some might say that we live in a generation of people who are never happy with what they get. 

But the truth is that treating people with kindness and appreciation snowballs into all of us living in a better place. 

Most importantly when an employee gives 100% to his job, then a little effort in showing appreciation is warranted. 

But this was not the case for this employee who gave 27 years of his life to his job at Burger King. 

"Kevin Ford went viral after he opened up a small bag of gifts that he received from HMS Host, the company from which Burger King hires staff." (LadBible)

WATCH the video of him opening his goodie bag. Courtesy of Facebook


We love how humble he remained, as much as we agree with many people's opinion that he should've gotten more... 

It was amazing to see his gratitude. A real eye opener.

"The 54-year-old, although grateful for the so-called gesture, admitted: "I'm happy about anything, I'm thankful for anything I get, I'm not that type of person, believe me. I've been through a lot. It's a great company, you know, I've been there 27 years." (LadBible)

But he did mention that the company has lost touch with their workers. He did expect at least a cheque for 20-years of service, but instead got two movie tickets. 

If we have to put our logical caps on, we will admit that many companies have taken a hit after the pandemic. 

Therefore they have been unable to give out what they used to, but come on, 27 years, that's a lifetime for some people. 

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