WATCH: This guy's day was just going from bad to worse...

WATCH: This guy's day was just going from bad to worse

It never rains, it pours...

Red coupe on flatbed trailer
Red coupe on flatbed trailer/Pexels

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like everything was going wrong?

Depending on your answer, we thought it important to appreciate the severity of how badly things were going for this guy. 

Also its important that you take this opportunity to remember that as much as everyone has bad days, it's the good days that must keep us going.

This poor lad really was not having the best day. 

In the video he is seen driving a flat bed tow truck and hauling a car. But it seems that the car was not secured and as he took a sharp turn, the car loosened and rolled off the back of the truck. 

As it rolled off, quite speedily, it almost hits the front of a house but the pavement serves as a stoppage. 

Either this guy had bad brakes or is a bad driver...

Because as we see him putting on what look like gloves to get the car back up on the flat bed, the truck starts rolling towards him and the stationery car. 

And the worst part is that he instinctively starts pushing back against the truck as if he could physically stop it from rolling...

WATCH the video below, and in case you were having a bad day, remember that you hold the power over how things go...

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Image Credit: Pexels

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