WATCH: This is how to wake a baby elephant
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WATCH: This is how to wake a baby elephant

The calf's mother nudged it gently but the calf refused to get up - watch the adorable video below.

How to Wake Up a Baby Elephant
How to Wake Up a Baby Elephant / Youtube.

It seems even elephants also struggle to get up like the rest of us. 

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Photographer Conrad Cramer was watching a herd of elephants take shelter under a tree during a hot day while he was on holiday. All the calves were passed out relaxing under the cool shade.

Their mother then tried to wake them but she had a bit of a tough time with her youngest. She then proceeded to gently nudge the calf with her trunk, stirring the baby awake. 

According to Kruger Sightings, Cramer spent some time watching this family group of elephants hiding from the heat of the day. "The scene was so utterly peaceful and it is not often that you see elephants lying down and sleeping. Conrad’s curiosity was sparked, so he sat and observed. "

And luckily for us, he then started filming. Watch the adorable moment below

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