WATCH: Now this is how you don't want your vehicle towed...

WATCH: Now this is how you don't want your vehicle towed...

Where is your tow etiquette? 

Tow truck towing a vehicle upside down
Tow truck towing a vehicle upside down/Instagram Screenshot/@allfails

Tow truck drivers don't have the best name in South Africa. They are known to be parked off at arbitrary locations that can be referred to as their higher ground.

Safe to say they can be described as 'vultures' - always looking out for the next crash.

Not really the ideal service provider you want around. But, nevertheless, they are a key part of society in that at some point motorists are forced to use their services. 

In this case, it was a tow truck in the States, and let's just say we don't think he got the proper training. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram


As much as the clip is short, we are certain that this is not the protocol when towing a vehicle, accident or not. It does play into the stereotype that this industry sometimes doesn't care for the vehicles they carry. 

Nevertheless, it served its purpose in providing content to people for America's funniest drivers...

Many people came to the comments section saying that they thought the wind was blowing the car before seeing the tow truck.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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