The weirdest things people have left behind in an Uber

The weirdest things people have left behind in an Uber

Take a look at the shocking list below and let us know if you also have left something weird behind in an Uber.

Person holding smartphone with Uber app open
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Part and parcel of using public transport means that you have to be very careful with your belongings. 

Sometimes that isn't always as easy as it seems. With life's busy schedules, we tend to be rushing at some point or the other and that can lead to forgetting something important in a taxi or an Uber. 

There are those moments where something less important or valuable gets left behind on the seats of an Uber. 

We can only imagine what the lost and found box looks like for an Uber driver?! 

The most common item that has been left behind since 2020 is a face mask. And as much as that is understandable, for the most part of the past two years, you were required to keep those on (even in taxis), so naughty, naughty...

Then next up is telephones, cameras, wallets, keys, and backpacks...

Glasses, headphones, vape devices, IDs, and water bottles come through next. 

Interestingly enough, the cities that host the most forgettable customers include: Tokyo, Johannesburg, Vienna, Milan, Perth, Cape Town, Munich, Malaga, and London. 

And the days that the most items are lost are during Fridays and Saturdays (Weekend, baby!).

Now we have covered the most common, here is the weirdest.

Mice. Yes, mice have been left behind. Why would anyone be traveling with mice?

Harry Potter's magical wand, surprisingly, has shown up in more than one taxi...

Then these are just chart toppers: false teeth and bags of breast milk have been left behind inside taxis. 

"Someone must have gone hungry, or had a lousy children's birthday party, because they forgot 22 cupcakes and a skillet of mac and cheese in the car. However, that's not as bad as the person who forgot a cooler full of fish and a bucket of fresh shrimp in their Uber." (MSN)

Once someone left behind an oxygen tank. Difficult to understand that one, especially if they were hooked up to it. 

A bag full of hair and a hard boiled egg also fall into the list of items. Weird...

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