Wifey fake farts to see her husband's reaction

Wifey fake farts to see her husband's reaction

We hope that this was his organic reaction and not staged, because this is a truth that not all husbands would attest to...

Husband and wife sitting in bed
Husband and wife sitting in bed/TikTok Screenshot/@andy.and.michelle

They say that marriage can be a dull experience and that it sometimes ruins the relationship. 

Something about the title being too much to live up to, but that's a subjective experience. 

And most people beg to differ. 

This couple displayed something that has been of an ongoing topic between couples. 

How comfortable can you really get when you decide to get married?

After this wife decided to prank her hubby into believing she farted in bed, his reaction revealed a truth that not many wives would expect. 

WATCH what she did below, courtesy of TikTok:

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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