Woman caught stealing neighbour's Christmas decorations

Woman caught stealing neighbour's Christmas decorations

One woman in England brought out her inner Grinch and stole all signs of Christmas cheer from her neighbour's house. 

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The Christmas season is not in full swing until your neighbours start putting up wreaths and trees. Fairy lights, snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees put your holiday spirit on bold display. 

But not all neighbours will be happy to see their street overrun with decorations. One woman in England who had enough of the cheery displays took matters in her own hands, grabbing a wreath off of someone's door. 

Security footage filmed in Essex shows a woman wearing a beanie and making no attempt to conceal her identity, walking up to a door and lifting the wreath. She seems satisfied with herself as she runs away into the night with the decoration. 

The owner of the home reported hearing an alarm go off and receiving a notification about "an unfamiliar face at the front door". 

Police have identified a suspect and are investigating the incident.

The Grinch may have taken the wreath, but here's hoping that the Christmas spirit will live on in the home. 

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