Woman shares scary story of being followed whilst shopping in Sandton City

Woman shares scary story of being followed whilst shopping in Sandton City

What is even scarier is how many people experienced the same or similar...

People inside a shopping mall
People inside a shopping mall/Pexels Website

It just takes one person sharing their experience to start the conversation...

This time it was a woman sharing what happened to her mother and herself whilst they were shopping at Sandton City in Johannesburg. 

She started her tweet by saying she may be over mall shopping for good. 

What started off as a bold statement, led into her detailed account of being followed by a man whilst shopping at Sandton City with her mother. 

She picked up that he could be following her, and we kept thinking that perhaps her story would end off on a funny note...

But it never came. In fact, it was quite the contrary. 

They ran into a biscuit shop trying to hide from the man. Whilst inside, they removed their jackets to confuse him, if he was in fact following them. 

Then from the biscuit shop they saw him approach another guy. The original guy goes back to the escalator, but the second guy looks like he is now on the lookout for them. 


The comments section blew up with other people sharing similar encounters in shopping malls. 

Ayanda Nyathi: "Something similar happened to me at Menlyn mall, I kept going to different stores and they followed me. I then went inside Lovisa and they camped outside the the door. That’s when I knew I needed to call for help. There were about 6 guys." 

Thabo Baloyi: "Great. But the securities were not supposed to just escort you to the car.they were suppoused to search and ask the guy why is he following you.again they had a right to chase them out of the mall that is their job.but anyway i m glad you made it out save."

Leediewear: "At Brooklyn Mall they follow women,more so elderly woman to the underground parking and rob them as soon as they get to their cars. It usually happens during the week, earlier in the day when it's not so busy."

Please be vigilant, folks. If you fear you are in danger, always look for a safe place with other people around and ask for help.

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Image Courtesy of Pexels Website

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