Woman sues insurance company for contracting an STD from her boyfriend...

Woman sues insurance company for contracting an STD from her boyfriend...

How? Why? When? What?....

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When you think about lawsuits against insurance companies, you rarely think it would involve sexually transmitted diseases. 

But it seems one woman had it in her to hold her partner's insurance company liable for an STD that he gave her. 

All be it whilst they were engaging in the act inside his vehicle, which was in fact insured. 

"The woman, a Jackson County resident, said she contracted Human papillomavirus (HPV) from her partner, according to court documents. The woman who was referred to as M.O. alleged that her sexual partner was negligent and "contributed to cause to be infected with HPV by not taking proper precautions and neglecting to inform and/or disclose his diagnosis," according to court documents, and that his "insurance policy provided coverage for her injuries and losses." (CNN)

After denying her claim, the insurance company was approached by an arbitrator who determined that the sexual activity did in fact take place in the automobile and caused the woman to be infected with HPV. 

Can we just say that had the insurance company played nice and paid out her initial claim of $1-million (R15-million), it would've ended there...


But instead they chose to play a game that they didn't expect would end the way it did. 

A three judge panel ruled in the woman's favour and she was awarded $5.2-million (which is around R78-million). 

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