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10 shocking road rage incidents caught on camera

Road rage incidents are escalating in South Africa.

Road rage

According to AA, 63.3% of drivers reported experiencing aggression directed at them on a daily basis, while 3.4% of respondents claimed to have been assaulted during a road rage incident.

With traffic being so bad in South Africa, most drivers can get frustrated and break the rules of the road - such as cutting people off on the freeway, ignoring stop signs and not indicating before turning. This leads to unnecessary frustrations for other motorists.

While some try to ignore the bad drivers, others would rather confront the issue, and in most cases, the confrontation leads to a fight.  In 2015 a motorist was shot dead when he accused a man of skipping a stop street in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg.

A video went viral in October 2016 showing a Mitsubishi Pajero driver pulling a knife on a motorist in a BMW 320i.
This is just one of the many road rage videos that have gone viral in South Africa. Check out the top 10 road rage video compilation below.

Remember, the best way to deal with road rage confrontation is to avoid escalating the situation by remaining calm.

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