Airplane passenger repeatedly punches woman's reclined seat

Airplane passenger repeatedly punches woman's reclined seat

A man was offended by a woman seated in front of him on a plane who reclined her seat.

Wendi Williams

We all have that one thing we dislike about being on a plane. For some, it's passengers not exiting the plane in the order of the seat. For others, it's not having space in your overhead locker because someone else filled it up with their own luggage. The list goes on.

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A passenger on an American Airlines domestic flight punched a seat in front of him because the woman sitting in it reclined it. 

The woman, Wendi Williams, said the ‘unhinged jerk’ thumped her chair several times before she started filming him. When the matter was reported, an American Airlines hostess allegedly ‘rolled her eyes’ at her, before giving the man a complimentary rum.

Ms Williams apparently put her seat up when the passenger behind her ate his meal. She then reclined again when the passenger finished his meal and that's when everything fell apart. 

After sharing the video on Twitter, internet users sided with the man, accusing her of ‘invading the space of the other passenger’ and ‘ruining his experience’.

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