The best and most frightening weather report you will ever see!
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The best and most frightening weather report you will ever see!

A video of a weather report of Hurricane Florance will leave you frightened.

Park closed due to hurricane/Twitter/Pam Wright

According to AFP, about 1.7 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders and millions of others live in areas likely to be affected by what officials called a "once in a lifetime" storm.

A video posted on Twitter by The Weather Channel brought Hurricane Florence into reality in one smart illustration. The video has been shared and watched over five-million times and retweeted millions of times as well. Many people who have seen it applauded the team for creating a realistic yet frightening visual of the storm before it hit. Some said watching that weather report made them want to evacuate the area immediately. 

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The hurricane hit on Thursday and many reports have come out since showing the devastating aftermath, with a state of emergency declared in five coastal states. 

Watch the frightening video below. 

Not for sensitive viewers.

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