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Boyfriend tests girlfriend with cheating sting

This is definitely not the outcome this boyfriend was hoping for.

prasnk trainer in gym

Some people never learn, do they?! 

One man thought it would be a great idea to test his girlfriend's loyalty when he appeared on the 'To Catch A Cheater' show. With that being said, this is the second time the same man has performed this exact same prank, having carried it out on a previous girlfriend.

This time around he tossed his girlfriend into a gym to try and catch her out. A personal trainer, who was in on the act, approached the lady and started to flirt with her. After a few moments the personal trainer asks for the girl's number and claims that it would be beneficial for their training relationship. After being asked if she has a boyfriend, the lady replies with: "It's kinda complicated." 

Nevertheless, the interaction carries on and once the boyfriend is questioned as to what he is going to do, he states that he is going to "tell her how I feel, I deserve better". Yikes, we sure hope they managed to sort things out! 

This proves once again that one should never prank your partner!

Are you willing to risk your relationship and prank your partner? 

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