Can you guess what animal this is?

Can you guess what animal this is?

A video clip of a mysterious floating animal has left many people puzzled...

Guess the animal

An old viral video has resurfaced on Twitter and people have been challenged to guess what it is they see in the video.

On Sunday, Twitter user, Susanta Nanda, took to the platform to share a 2013 video of an animal swimming in a lake and asked followers if they could guess what animal it is in the first 10 seconds. 

The video shows the mysterious animal with its head below the water and it seems no one knows what it is until it raises its head and emerges out of the water. 

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The 20-second clip has received over 13,000 views and only a few people were able to guess correctly within the allocated time. 

Take a look at the video and see if you can guess the animal. 

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