Desperate dad throws baby from sinking car

Desperate dad throws baby from sinking car

A father threw his child from a sinking car in an attempt to prevent him from drowning.

dad throws baby from sinking car
Screenshot/NY Post

The heartwrenching footage shows the moment a car was knocked off a bridge before plunging into the water with a baby inside. 

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, central India and the video is being shared across news sites.

In the video, the dad, in a desperate attempt to save the baby, scrambles out the window of the sinking car and throws his baby back towards the bridge where other civilians are waiting. 

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The baby slips through their hands and falls back into the water and everyone rushes to rescue the baby from drowning. The chaotic scene luckily ends with the baby being rescued and taken to hospital. 

Watch the terrifying video below:

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